(Found In) Bushrod Park (Oakland, California): 1972 Volvo P1800E Sports Coupe

image (30).jpegIt’s often that we discount Volvo as the sporting Swedish car, and give all of the glory of athletics to Saab. Where Saab tried again and again with variations of the Sonett from the 1950’s through the early 70’s, Volvo stayed pretty tried and true to their concept of a sports tourer. After the attempt with a Scandinavian Corvette, the P1900, the graceful P1800 debuted in 1961.

It would remain, with improvements, the alternate, sporting, personal Volvo many a dashing dandy and damsel came to love over 13 more model years. Providing a sophisticated style all its own, it stood out from many an Italianate coupe that came and went during those years on the market.

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Dynamic Humor: 60’s Dream Machines as Men on Scruff

Every Queer dude has been there. Single, Widowed, Married with Children, on our smart phones, scrolling and swiping endlessly through archetypes and stereotypes of our community a plenty.

How about cheering and classing ourselves up imagining ourselves as vintage iron and muscle?In collaboration with fellow friend in finery and funny August, here’s how the cross section of CIS-masculinity in Queer Spaces translates to some favorite muscle machines of years past. We combine a bit of shade and some of the astro signs to give archetypes that reach far and deep.



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(Found In) Lone Mountain (San Francisco, California): 1959 Mercury Monterey 2 Door Hardtop Coupe

photo-2The superstitions around “Mercury Retrograde” are perceived as explanations for communication and travel gone awry. Maybe that was the first mistake Ford made; naming their middle brand Mercury in the first place. For every two steps forward the brand made, it seemingly made two steps back.

They always ended up in the same place: being a Fancy Ford. Before it gave up the ghost and entered another period of review, the 1959 Mercury models tried to right any wrongs that prevented its individualized success on the medium car market.
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(Found In) Uptown-Northgate (Oakland, California) 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible

14870503304_33bc4e5b89_h The call to let the sunshine in and dawn the Age of Aquarius was a decade turning herald call. However, the sun was about to set on the American Convertible as the 1970’s plowed on. In the personalization and self-actualization days of the early 1970s, the coddling comforts of Air Conditioning, tinted glass and vinyl roofs conferred more savvy than free in-the-breeze sporty, top down motoring. Sunroofs and too many sunburns lead people away from top down motoring in the way it had been embraced in the past.

As sporting life gave way to laps of luxuries, convertibles fell on their swords one by one. One of the last rousing relative successes of the genre was the burgeoning darling of the middle of the market, the much beloved Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.
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Why Dynamic Drives, Why Now?

Well Hello.

You might know me as Laurence Jones of Curbside ClassicIt’s just appropriate time that I took a leap, and posted my own musings about Automobiles on the internet with my own control, my own pace, and my own style.

Sometimes when you write at a site geared towards straight white men, primarily baby boomers, you might not get a chance to really spread your wings and make those socio-critical connections you might hold dear when analyzing American Consumerism, and one of the proper spoils of it, the American Automobile.

So I find myself, finally, having faith that my own take on the world of automobilia with my own critical lens. I hope that you’ll enjoy coming along for the ride as well.