Dynamic Humor: 60’s Dream Machines as Men on Scruff

Every Queer dude has been there. Single, Widowed, Married with Children, on our smart phones, scrolling and swiping endlessly through archetypes and stereotypes of our community a plenty.

How about cheering and classing ourselves up imagining ourselves as vintage iron and muscle?In collaboration with fellow friend in finery and funny August, here’s how the cross section of CIS-masculinity in Queer Spaces translates to some favorite muscle machines of years past. We combine a bit of shade and some of the astro signs to give archetypes that reach far and deep.



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(Found in) South of Market (San Francisco) – 1967 Mercury Cougar Coupe


If there’s anything to be said about the Mercury brand of the Ford Motor company is that it seemingly was always the Bridesmaid, never the Bride of the medium price market. Routinely batted around by Dodge, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, and even Ford at various stages in their history, they never garnered much in the way of big hits.

The one of possibly two times they stood up on their own two legs and offered a semi-unique product everyone wanted was this swanky coupe to the left. Indeed, the 1967 Mercury Cougar was a surprise out of the ballpark smash that Mercury was very rarely able to repeat again.

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