Dynamic Diversion: Personalized Cadillac Style

IMG_5178Sometimes you just change your life in a drastic way. Sometimes you do so with a supporting cast of characters. Fiction or life, who can really tell.

You may be wondering why Dynamic Drive has been rather dormant in the last 2 months. Truth is, before even losing a job, and escalating housing costs, I had already been pre-planning my trajectory out of the Bay Area for months. This meant that there had been a general slowdown in posting, less hunting for new vehicles to find and share with you in the San Francisco Bay Area, and trying to plan out where I was headed.
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Dynamic Divergence: Driving While Black, Part 2 – Redlining On The Road

14440911_1301386729872350_3531472899202609558_nOnce upon a time, in an America of a not too distant past, there was an interesting dynamic of who had access to necessities. In a country where we believe the myth of hard work and perseverance gets us far and wide, systematically bigotry kept and still keeps a number of people behind invisible yet visible lines of life.

Most would de-mark that to Redlining policies when it comes to the essential of housing, but how did it look, to be a person of color in pursuit of motor vehicles, past and present?

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Dynamic Divergence: Driving While Black, Part 1

image-16-e1424634550280It’s worth note of the potential freedoms that driving and motor vehicle ownership offer people. I’ve been thinking of the scales between the freedom and consequences of the motor vehicle quite often over the last year.

You see, your blog hosting car photographer is a good 15 months on from owning his own vintage iron. I sold my 1973* Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5 over a year ago.

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